Why Crash Dieting Is Bad


Why is crash dieting bad?

 What is crash dieting?

Crash dieting is a term born from people using extreme nutrition approaches to attain fast weight loss. The most common crash diets are all centred around the same principle, extremely low calorie intakes. A crash diet may come in the form of a juice detox or approaches that include restriction such as zero carb diets however the cause of weight loss is always the caloric deficit created.

So lets get straight to the point,  why is it bad?

The wheels fall of eventually, and usually in a big way’. In likelihood, your crash diet is a short term answer to a long term problem. You’re unhappy with your physique year round because:

‘Your body doesn’t want to lose weight’

‘Dieting doesn’t work for you’

‘You have a slow metabolism’

‘You’re intolerant to carbs’

Yet you seem to be forgetting the overindulgence in alcohol and takeaways at the weekend.

Summer 2017 comes and your holiday is 4 weeks away and fast approaching, the idea of being in a bikini horrifies you so there’s no other answer but to kick start your weight loss journey with a 3 day juice detox followed by 4 weeks of starvation. Yes, you lose weight but you still don’t feel great and then you get back from holiday and eat everything you couldn’t eat the previous 4 weeks and more over the next 11 months. Getting fatter than you were before, and so the cycle begins…

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Sound like you?

Don’t worry, we are all guilty of it! But you can change it.

What should you do instead?

Create habits, trust the process and watch the results roll in.

Some simple things to start with are:

  • Eat more single ingredient foods
  • Drink less alcohol, more water
  • Do more exercise
  • Sleep more
  • Ignore all of the above every now and then


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