The Ultimate 6 Week Transformation


The Ultimate 6 Week Transformation

Looking to seriously change your body? Well, I’ve broken down the ultimate 6 week transformation for you…

Sorry I lied, or sort of anyway, your transformation isn’t going to be purely physical. Rather it’s going to be habitual, which will then lead into a change in physique in no time and guess what… you won’t go back the way you were like the rest of the crash diets you see out there!

So, your 6-week transformation is going to be habits! Incorporate one of the following over the next 6 weeks:

Drink More Water

Not only essential to life but a great way to eliminate hunger. Sometimes we aren’t hungry but thirsty.

Drink Less Alcohol

Sorry! But unknown to most, alcohol actually contains calories and a fair bit at that. For every gram of alcohol consumed you consume 7 kcal, that’s almost double that of carbohydrates. If you neeeeedddd to be social (which is fine!) try and stick to the lower calorie choices such as gin and make sure to mix it with diet or sugar free options.

Move More

Weight loss is all about energy balance, which means we need to make sure we are expending more than we are consuming. Moving more means more calories burnt, allows us to eat more of the foods we enjoy and is important for our general well-being.


Eat more! Not only important for recovery but will make us feel fuller for longer, try and include a fist sized portion of protein with every meal. You want the majority of your protein sources to be lean such as chicken, turkey and white fish to name a few. Variety is a good thing so the inclusion of fattier options like beef, lamb and salmon is great few times a week too.

More Plants

Another great way to fight the hunger is to bulk out your meals with salad and vegetables, not only low calorie but can be filling if eaten in good enough quantities.  Salad and vegetables are really important for fibre and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Snack Wisely

Stop snacking on high sugar and calorie foods, I don’t care if its Friday, don’t succumb to homemade Victoria sponge cake that Sheila has brought into the office (probably because she’s too guilty to eat it alone).  Snack wisely! Look for lower calorie alternatives that you enjoy. A great place to start is fruit but remember everything in moderation!


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I am an ex-professional athlete & personal trainer based in No Limits Strength & Conditioning Gym in Liverpool I have the first-hand experience of first class training and nutrition. I can build a program to suit your goals and needs, teaching you everything you need to make that transformation. A keen interest in Nutrition and exercise has led to me to enrolling on Exercise and Sport Science Degree which allows me to bring advanced and ground breaking methods into practice. Whether you’re interested in muscle gain, fat loss or performance I have proven strategies to produce continual progress with my clients.

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