5 Do’s & Don’ts To Picking a Personal Trainer


5 Do’s & 5 Don’ts To Picking a Personal Trainer

Personal training is hugely popular & with more people reaching their goals with a little bit of help we thought it would be worth breaking down some Do’s & (more importantly) Don’ts when choosing your personal trainer…

Looking for a personal trainer? Personal training is as popular as ever but the industry can be hit and miss when it comes to quality. Here’s a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to starting your fat loss and fitness journey with the help of a coach!

5 Do’s

DO take your time in selecting your personal trainer – One personal trainer may not be right for the next person, although referral is a great way to make sure you are getting a trusted and professional coach make sure you shop around a little bit.

DO ask questions – Ask as many questions as you can think of, this not only helps you gain confidence that your choosing the right trainer but it will give your trainer an insight into where you may struggle. As well as providing you the opportunity to learn.

DO have realistic goals – Although this is a big role of your personal trainer, when entering into personal training or a new fitness program you need to make sure you set goals that are achievable.

Do work hard – Don’t waste your money or your trainers time, It will frustrate the both of you.

DO LISTEN – Don’t hire a coach and dictate to them what you should be doing. Yes it is important to have a mutual understanding of what you want and the route to your results.

We are the professionals at the end of the day and trust me any worthwhile trainer has your best interests at heart.

5 DON’Ts

DON’T choose a personal trainer on their physique – Most of the top coaches practice what they preach but your decision to hire them should not be based solely on their physique.

Not sure what to look for read this article

DON’T opt for price over quality – Don’t base your decision solely on the price, sometimes the cheapest isn’t the worst and the most expensive isn’t the best!

DON’T base your decision wholly on their education – A lot of people have degree’s but can’t apply their theoretical knowledge into practical methods. Experience is a key ingredient for any personal trainer, it can’t be paid for or learnt, its earned.

DON’T expect results because you’re paying for a trainer – Stop wishing, work.

DON’T count how many don’ts there are.

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