5 Ways To Improve Sleep


5 Ways To Improve Sleep

Sleep – it’s more important to your fitness goals than you think & I quickly breakdown 5 ways to improve the time you spend catching z’s

Struggling with sleep quality or quantity can seriously impair fat loss and performance, here are 5 simple tips to improve sleep.


1) Get into a routine – aim for 7-8 hours per night and make sure you get it, regardless of what’s on tele. if you have to wake up by 7am go to sleep at 11pm.


2) Stay off your phone – Stay off your phone, your tablet device and turn off your television at least 45 minutes before your go to bed, light has an effect on our body clock and therefore sleep pattern. There’s a reason we sleep at night and wake when its light. Try reading before bed instead.


3) Limit Caffeine – caffeine is a stimulant and dependent on sensitivity can seriously affect sleep, if you know you are sensitive to caffeine try to limit intake after around 5pm, if your not sure try it anyway and see how it effects sleep.


4) Eat carbs before bed – No you wont put fat on just because you have eaten after 6. Carb intake causes a release of serotonin which is one of our more important neurotransmitters were the wake/sleep cycle is concerned. Think Christmas day, you’ve just eaten your diner (which means an influx of carbs), next thing you do is fall asleep.


5) Supplement – This should be the last thing you do, but supplements like Topical magnesium and ZMA can help you fall into a deeper better quality sleep.

Want to know a little bit more of how sleep can further improve your fitness goals? Or just fancy discussing all things fitness? Drop me a line here & we can talk through how I can help you!


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