No Pain No Gain… Right?


No Pain No Gain… Right? Well No, Not At All

There’s training hard & then there is training smart. How “No Pain No Gain” has become yet another fitness myth…

We’ve all heard the moniker ‘No pain, No gain’ but how true is this?

Well not at all really, studies have shown that pain can impair the ability to produce force, so strap up your lifting gloves, use a pad on the barbell when doing squats or a cushion for hip thrusts it may actually help you progress.
It seems to be almost cool in fitness to do the most extreme thing possible, to the point people are actually causing themselves physical harm, which is the complete opposite of what we are trying to achieve, no?
Encouraging ourselves/clients to push themselves towards their goals is fine and may take a little bit of grinding to do so but for the most part we want the journey to be enjoyable, because it will become more sustainable and probably more successful.
Want to know a little bit more about how I can make your training sessions more painless than painful (while still getting those results YOU want)? Feel free to drop me a line here & we can talk about how we can help smash your goals, together.

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I am an ex-professional athlete & personal trainer based in No Limits Strength & Conditioning Gym in Liverpool I have the first-hand experience of first class training and nutrition. I can build a program to suit your goals and needs, teaching you everything you need to make that transformation. A keen interest in Nutrition and exercise has led to me to enrolling on Exercise and Sport Science Degree which allows me to bring advanced and ground breaking methods into practice. Whether you’re interested in muscle gain, fat loss or performance I have proven strategies to produce continual progress with my clients.

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