The Rise of Personal Training


The Rise of Personal Training

A Liverpool personal trainers view on the booming business that is fast becoming the personal training (and online training) industry.

Personal training and online training has become huge business in the UK and worldwide. This has naturally led to an influx of new personal trainers, fat loss and training experts and coaches (some good, some bad) trying their hand at getting clients into shape.

One of the more frustrating things for me personally as a coach and the reason I have decided to write this article is the complete nonsense people are being told and sold. This not only makes my job 10x harder but is leading people down a slippery slope of bad health and fat gain through damaged hormones, damaged metabolisms, ridiculous expectations and psychological issues where food and exercise are concerned.

I’ve been personal training in Liverpool for a few years now & in this time I’ve achieved some pretty amazing results with my clients. But one thing that never ceases to amaze me is some of the myths & advice some clients bring with them in to the gym based on previous experiences with other Personal Trainers. Now this blog isn’t a name & shame for shady practices, but more of a self help guide to what you should be looking for in a personal trainer.


What should you look for when picking an online coach or personal trainer?

  • Education – Speaks for itself, find someone who knows what they are talking about and uses ETHICAL and EVIDENCE based approaches. This doesn’t necessarily mean formal qualifications, experience is huge!
  • Structure – Every personal trainer should have personalised and structured approach that ensure long term progress for every clients to attain their goals. If every session you attend is made up on the spot, ask for a refund quickly.
  • Realistic and sustainable goal setting – The only way to get long term change is to approach training and nutrition in a sustainable way. Ridiculous dieting strategies that solely revolve around low carb and low calorie can not only cause you physiological issue but long term psychological issue e.g. Most female trainees who first walk into No Limits Gym severely under eat/are terrified of carbs.

You may not be able to find all of the above out by going through twitter, Facebook and Instagram but any reputable coach would happily answer your questions and squash any concerns you have. Want to know a little more about what I can do for your training? Feel free to drop me a line!


About Author

I am an ex-professional athlete & personal trainer based in No Limits Strength & Conditioning Gym in Liverpool I have the first-hand experience of first class training and nutrition. I can build a program to suit your goals and needs, teaching you everything you need to make that transformation. A keen interest in Nutrition and exercise has led to me to enrolling on Exercise and Sport Science Degree which allows me to bring advanced and ground breaking methods into practice. Whether you’re interested in muscle gain, fat loss or performance I have proven strategies to produce continual progress with my clients.

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