Fat loss – 3 supplements you need!


Fat loss – 3 supplements that you need

All three supplements I am going to mention play a role in the cleansing and support of the Liver. Our liver is the most important organ in the body when it comes to the storage of fat and the rate of our metabolism, but our livers can become over run with toxins and when this is the case the liver struggles to keep up with its fat burning responsibilities.

The three supplements I am going to talk about are easily attainable, relatively cheap and easy to take. Milk thistle, Vitamin c, and fish oils can be bought in most health shops and supermarkets.

Fish oils:

The most common fish oil bought is omega 3 but there are also omega 6 and omega 9 available. Fish oil consumption has many benefits from reducing the chance of having cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and is great for our joints, but it is also essential for weight loss.

As mentioned earlier taking fish oil supplements can have a good effect on our livers and has even been said to cure liver disease due to its ability to reduce inflammation and stop the production of harmful cells in the liver. Another thing that fish oil has been documented to do is reduce the levels of leptin, leptin is the bodies hormone responsible for appetite, therefore having less of this will reduce our hunger and lessen our cravings for unhealthy snacks.

Fish oils also have a good effect on the transformation of carbohydrates to fat by decreasing the amount of insulin released into the body. When insulin is released it helps to store excess carbs that haven’t been used for energy as glycogen, when our body can’t use this glycogen it is transformed into triglycerides (fat cells) the more fat cells we have the higher our body fat percentage will be. Therefore fish oil reduces the amount of fat cells our body produces.

Fish oils have also been linked with the building of lean muscle, and it is common knowledge that the more muscle we have the higher our metabolism is which in turn means we burn off more calories.

Fish oils also have a positive effect on the cholesterol levels in our bodies. Cholesterol is a lipid (fat) that is naturally occurring in our bodies, that can have benefits such as the development of the brain from childhood and also helps the body production of vital sex hormones. There are three different forms of cholesterol Very low density lipoproteins, low density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) and high density lipoproteins (good cholesterol) . These fats are produced in our liver to aid with digestion, but we often take in too much through the food we eat which can cause weight gain (remember cholesterol is a fat). Studies have shown fish oils reduce the amount of excess cholesterol in our arteries, which prevents the storage of unnecessary fats.

Another thing fish oils (specifically omega 3 fatty acids) have been associated with is the reduction of inflammations of our arteries, this reduces the chances of a person experiencing cardio vascular problems such as chronic heart disease.

Milk thistle:

Our body produces toxins, these toxins have been shown to inhibit the body from burning fat by upto 20%. Milk thistle is full of antioxidants which help remove the toxins from our bodies which improves our ability to burn. excess fat.

One thing milk thistle is commonly associated is the cleansing and support of the liver and as mentioned earlier the liver is the most important organ in our body when it comes to breaking down and reducing fat in our bodies.

As mentioned earlier the insulin levels play a major role in the storage of excess fat in the body, milk thisle plays an active role in stabilising the production of insulin, which not only will stop carbs becoming fat cells but will reduce our cravings for the sugary or starchy foods that are giving us these excessive amounts of unusable carbs.

Vitamin c:

We’ve all been full of cold or flu and had our dear old mums throw an orange or a one a day vitamin c tablet at us this is because of the way it supports our immune system, but did you know you may have been improving the bodies fat burning ability too because of vitamin c’s other roles in the body.

Vitamin c is another supplement packed with antioxidants, and I outlined the importance that these antioxidants play in the removal of toxins and the fat burning processes, especially in the liver. Again it supports and clears out the liver which allows for it to work at its optimal function.

Vit c also helps fire up our metabolism, which we know helps burn away those calories and there for fat.

Earlier in the article I outlined the benefits of keeping our cholesterol levels in touch, Vitamin c has also been shown to help with this. As vit c is an antioxidant it helps prevent the oxidisation of cholesterol which helps keep our levels stable, it is also used by the liver to break cholesterol down into bile which helps our bodies digestive system and helps move low density cholesterol (bad) into cells to be used. All of this helps keep our cholesterol levels steady and stop unnecessary fat gain.

I’m not saying that alls you need is these but with a clean diet, a well constructed exercise program and the added benefits listed, you could be well on your way to that summer body we all desire.


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