Why Is The Western Diet Making You Fat?



What is the western diet?
When I talk about the western diet I mean the general eating patterns and food intake of your average British person. The norm for many people (this is no different in my household barring myself) is 3 meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch and Tea.
These meal times usually follow a pattern when it comes to the foods eaten and the times people eat at:

Breakfast – 7.00ish
Relatively small meal
Generally a high carb meal of cereal, toast or fruit.
Average calorie intake around 200-300 kcal

Lunch – 12.00ish
Small meal
Ready made sandwiches, baked potatoes maybe takeaway food like chip shop food.
Average calorie intake 500 kcal

Tea – 15.00– 19.00ish
Largest meal of the day
Good variety of food weekly
Average calorie intake 600-800k Kcal

Now what’s wrong with that? Well a couple of things (all could be causing fat gain/storage):

1) Our eating habits play huge factors on our hormones and irregular eating causes irregular hormone secretion, this could lead to a whole load of health issue and is a huge cause for Fat gain.
2) Blood sugar levels have a big effect on our mood and appetite. If you are spreading your meals out longer than 3 hours blood sugar becomes low.
3) When blood sugar is low body can start craving carbohydrates because it feels it needs them to provide energy.
4) Metabolism is slower when eating is spread further through the day.
5) People usually don’t spread enough calories over their 3 meals, if you don’t feed your body enough calories it will hold onto fat! You can also become metabolically damaged if you don’t eat enough (follow link for more information).

What changes could you make?
1) Eat more often, to control blood sugar levels and reduce appetite eat every 2-3 hours.
2) Eat balanced meals; try to avoid eating only carbohydrates. For breakfast add some scrambled eggs for a quick and tasty dose of protein and fat.
3) Don’t under eat! Make sure you are getting healthy amounts of protein, carbs and fats spaced out over the entire day.
4) Snack on foods such as nuts, seeds and humous instead of sugary products that are going to have you craving more sugar later on in the day.

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