Strong is the New Sexy – Why women should lift weights!


A major misconception about weight loss especially with women is that to lose weight you need to go on a jog or head to the gym spending 45 minutes on the cross trainer. Though you may lose weight, it will be slow, it will cause major stress on joints, and it will deteriorate muscle.

The lack of results from this method of training can be disheartening, it can cause people to feel like they are in a rut and they may feel they will never be able to make that change by themselves and can lead many people giving up and return to eating the same old refined, processed food and doing no exercise at all!

So what should you do instead?


Somewhere along the line misconceptions come about that women who lift weight will end up like this…..


Woman simply don’t produce enough testosterone to be able to build that kind of muscle with out the use of steroids etc, and the time it would take spent in the gym for a woman bodybuilder to build that kind of muscle is considerable!

Things lifting weights will do:
Yes it will build muscle (for women this means toned arms, leaner stomachs and firm bums)
It will improve joint strength
You will continue to burn calories up to 36 hours after exercise
You will have a higher basal metabolic rate (metabolism)
Strengthens the heart
Strengthens bones
Increases testosterone (still important in females)
Burn More Fat!

Exercises to do!

Compound exercises are great for burning fat, these exercises are full body movements and with the right weight, sets and reps will leave you lying in a heap through exhaustion!

Examples of compound movements are:
Chest Press
Bent Over Row
Chin Ups
Kettlebell Swings

And there are plenty more!

Aimee squat
A client Aimee going deep with a 70kg squat!

Side note:
If you still feel the urge to lace up your running shoes and hit the streets sprint instead! Sprinting burns nearly the same amount of calories a good weight session will, look at the different body shapes between a long distance runner and a sprinter! (For more information on sprinting follow this link…Training Like a Sprinter)

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