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The growth hormone is present in everybody, everyone has varying levels of it but it seems that everyone is after more. It is common to hear of professional athletes, professional sportsmen, bodybuilders and even your average gym goer to inject more into their bodies even with the clear side effects and dangers that unnatural products like this present to a person, so why would they do it? And isn’t there a safer, natural way to increase the release of this hormone?

The growth hormone has a number of functions in the body, some of these are:

Increase in muscle sarcoplasm hypertrophy (increased muscle mass)
Improved insulin sensitivity (can lead to fat/weight loss)
Stimulates lipolysis (breakdown of lipids/fat cells)

These are just a few of the functions associated with growth hormone and they all play a factor in fat loss.
Increase in muscle mass
The more lean muscle a person has the higher their metabolism will be, our metabolism deems how much energy (calories) our bodies need to use/burn in order to function, everybody will have a Basal Metabolic rate (BMR) which is the amount of calories our bodies needs just to operate daily without doing anything, and from this we can calculate the amount of calories a person needs to eat to gain muscle, lose fat or stay the same. The reason someone with more lean muscle burns more calories is because for every 1lb of muscle the body uses 6 calories daily to sustain itself whereas for every 1lb of fat the body uses just 2 calories.

Insulin is another of our bodies hormones, released from the pancreas it control the blood sugar levels in our body. Insulin control is huge in terms of health and fat loss, people with high insulin sensitivity may suffer from diabetes. In terms of fat loss if we have high levels of insulin circulating in our bodies then we are more likely to store fat. Insulin is released when we consume carbohydrates and protein, its job is to push energy into cells so our bodies can work efficiently without tiring. The pancreas should automatically produce the right amount of insulin but due to western societies modern diet which is high in sugar and processed food our bodies don’t always perform as they should and some peoples pancreas produces more insulin than is needed, when this happens unneeded energy is stored into our cells and becomes fat. Growth hormone helps to regulate the amount of insulin produced and therefore helps limit the amount of fat that is stored in our cells by insulin, reducing body fat!

Stimulates lipolysis
Lipolysis is the breakdown of lipids and triglycerides (fat) that have been stored in adipose tissue (fat cells) waiting to be released into the blood stream. This process helps in the reduction of body fat because when the fat has been released into the blood stream it will be transported around the body to be burned somewhere else. Studies have shown that people with higher levels of Growth hormone present in their bodies see more lipolysis happening.

Ways to increase Growth hormone Safely and naturally!

1) Sleep more:
Up to 80% of Growth hormone is produced while you are sleeping. Make sure you are getting deep, peaceful sleep for up to 9 hours straight.

2) Don’t eat carbohydrates 2-3 hours before bed
When insulin levels are high less Growth hormone is produced, because insulin is released when the body detects carbohydrates and protein it is better to stay away from eating carbohydrates just before bed to reduce the amount of insulin present in the body whilst you are sleeping.

3) Do high intensity workouts
The body produces a good amount of growth hormone after exercise in order to help with the repairing of tissue and removal of toxins!

4) Detox your liver!
All of your Growth hormone released by the body is absorbed by the liver and this is where all of the benefits like fat burning, muscle building and anti-aging comes from, if you have a fatty liver or a liver full with toxins you will never fell the full benefits of growth hormone.

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