The endocrine system, hormones and their affects on Fat Loss and Excercise



The endocrine system refers to the glands in our bodies that secret and regulate the different hormones we need.

The main glands of the endocrine system are:

The thyroid
Pineal gland

Between these glands they control more than 50 hormones which help our body to function correctly, so as you probably know it is hugely important to try our best to keep our hormones in check to ensure the human body is working to its full potential.

Over time it can be easy for a person to disrupt how our hormones are released and used within the body without even realising it, this could be through the foods we eat, our sleeping patterns, our stress levels amongst other things.

Things effecting our hormones could be out of your control, but some are defiantly affected by the way we lead our lives! Below is a list of the hormones that are directly affected by exercise and diet:

Growth hormone

These hormones play a role in a number of things including fat loss/storage, energy levels, hunger levels, muscle growth, how much blood the heart is pumping around the body, metabolic rate and even the places fat is storing in the body (e.g. Women with higher estrogen levels store more fat on their inner thighs).

Over the next coming days and weeks I will be posting articles on each of the above hormones going into more details on their functions and ways to improve the way the body uses them.

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